So you have your new tattoo and you’re admiring it as your new piece of art work…

One should remember that it’s not just a picture; it is also in fact an open wound until

the skin fully recovers. So like any open wound, it is important that you keep the skin

clean and protected from germs and the environment to avoid the risk of infection.



Taking Care of Your New Tattoo


Do not remove your dressing anywhere but in a clean environment and where it is safe

to do so. Try to avoid doing it in a public toilet where you or others could be

contaminated. Remove the dressing in around 2-6 hours after your tattoo was

completed. With clean hands, gently wash the area with antibacterial soap. A fresh

tattoo may leak blood/plasma a few hours after it is completed so remove all the

leftover ink and bodily fluids from the design. Do not use a wash cloth or a sponge,

only the finger pads of your own clean hands. Allow 15-20 minutes for the tattoo to dry

out naturally. Do not use paper towel or a bath towel to dry it off. Once your tattoo is

dry, with clean hands apply a thin layer of aftercare cream that was recommended by

the artist. Apply the aftercare cream 2-4 times daily as in enough to keep the tattoo

slightly moisturized. Over use of the aftercare is not recommended and can have an

adverse effect on your tattoo. A thin layer few times a day is better than a load all at

once. Continue to treat your tattoo until it is completely healed, which can take

anywhere from 2-5 weeks depending on the size, location and your own immune



During the healing process remember to avoid:


– Swimming pools, baths, steam rooms, soaking the tattoo in anyway. Showers are

fine but do not directly hit the tattoo with   the force of the shower and it is recommended

to apply a thin layer of aftercare before you shower.

– No picking or scratching, slap it if necessary but don’t scratch.

– Try to wear loose clean clothing, fabric that won’t stick and let the design breath.

Remember the aftercare could stain the clothing.

– Do not expose your new tattoo to raw meat and cooking greasy foods or other sources

of infection.

– Do not use fake tan or any cosmetics on your fresh tattoo.

– Do not use tanning beds, sun rooms or expose your tattoo to direct sunlight.



After the tattoo is healed it is best to always use sun protection on your design. A
high SPF factor starting at 30 or a zinc cream for full blockage will help the sun not
damage the colour or line work on your tattoo.


Enjoy your new tattoo, happy healing and keep it moist!!!!